Larochette castle

At the edge of Little Switzerland, which is a given name for this region, the city of Larochette is dominated by high rock walls one of which bears the impressive ruins of the castle. The restored Maison de Créhange is part of a set of two adjoining 13th century castles.


Meysembourg castle

The commune of Larochette also counts the romantic Château de Meysembourg, a private residence that can not be visited. However, the walk that follows the 'Manzebaach' allows you to take a good look at this castle whose current construction dates from 1880.

The Beaufort castles

A few kilometers from Larochette, the imagination is stimulated by the bucolic setting that hosts the impressive remains of Beaufort Castle, the most ancient part of which was built in the 11th century, and the Renaissance castle with its prestigious furnishings.



Nature & Excursions

The so-called Mullerthal is situated in the heart of Little Switzerland and it is the ideal starting point to set off for Route 3 of the Mullerthal Trail which may also be joined in Larochette. The river Ernz Noire runs through this valley of hill forests cut off by waterfalls and covered in meadows.




The Ernz Blanche cycle path, inaugurated in the summer of 2017, partly runs along the tracks of the old train line from Cruchten to Larochette known locally as the Jangeli's Bunn that ran from 1882 to 1948.